Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

We are paying the inevitable price of public sector unionization run amok.

I recently reviewed and made notes on the school teachers contract, the police union contract, the fire fighters union contract and lastly the DPW union contracts.

Did you know that we have 30 pages in the town's Annual Report dedicated to salary tables for about 700 full/part time employees? Isn't that a tad excessive?

Labor unions have existed in the private sector for well over 150 years.  Public sector labor unions were first authorized by John F. Kennedy in 1963.

We are now witnessing the problems that Ford and General Motors are having in making cars affordable because of their unions.  This lack of affordability is moving into the public sector for the very same reasons. Public Sector Unions!

While unions do not exhibit malice, their single-minded purpose invariably conflicts with public interests.  The single purpose and goal of any union is simply to provide better pay and benefits to it's members. All union dues are spent on this push.

The unions will pursue their own interests without any remorse as they relentlessly increase property taxes in Framingham and make it increasingly unaffordable.  Each taxpayer has to make a decision as to whether to push back so that they can afford to live here, or make a decision to move out.

The private sector as a whole is about seven percent (7%) unionized.  The public sector as a whole is about thirty-five (35%) unionized.  Here in Massachusetts and in Framingham, the public sector is ninety (90%) percent unionized.

The per-capita costs of the Federal, Massachusetts and the Town of Framingham governments are $9,000, $4,000 and $3,000 respectively for a per-capita total of $16,000.

The largest union in Framingham is obviously the Framingham Teachers Association.  Note that they are too cowardly to actually call themselves a union because of the negative connotations of a union. There are numerous other unions in our densely populated socialist town government.

Unit A consists of classroom teachers or teachers of remedial or special education.

Unit S is all 12-month, 10-month, and regular part-time administrative support employees.

Unit T is all special education aides, classroom aides, special education assistant teachers, language program assistant teachers, language program aides, library assistants, and current interventionist teachers.

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