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The Framingham fire department has one Chief, and two assistant chiefs.  One is the Assistant Chief of Operations who has the bulk of the fire fighting staff (140 personnel) under him.  The other is the Assistant Chief of Administration, who seems to have less than 10 individuals under him.

Under the Assistant Chief of Operations, there are four Deputy Chiefs, each of which heads up an operations group.  Each operations group has

On any given day, only one operations group is working (protecting the entire town) and the other three are at home. Each group works two 24 hour shifts each week.

The town is divided into five service areas as shown by the list below.

Group 1
Group 2
Group 3
Group 4
Station 5 520 Concord Street 10 10 9 8
Station 1 1055 Worcester Road 7 8 8 11
Station 3 10 Loring Drive 9 9 9 9
Station 2 Watson Place
4 4 4 4
Station 7 789 Water Street 4 4 4 4
  • Each group/station has one or two part-time personnel.
  • There are two Ford Expeditions that are labelled Fire Chief

  • The fire department consists of 5.7% of the town's budget (according the Assistant Chief John Magri).
  • A fire response team will consist of 14 individuals
  • Like the police department, the fire department has detail work.  It seems that any large crowd in a public building, and carnivals or circuses in town require detail work by members of the Framingham Fire Department.
  • John Magri interviewed on April 23, 2005 at 1000.
The 2003 Annual Report takes note that there were 8,513 calls for services. This includes 433 calls for fires, including 49 structure fires, 229 cooking fires, and 45 automobile fires.  The remaining 110 fires are grass and rubbish fires

In comparison, there were 5,123 Rescue and EMS calls. Clearly, the bulk of the work is in Rescue and EMS.

Top 25 Salaries in Fire Department
Name Salary ($)
Michael Smith 136,522
Joseph Leone 102,877
Thomas Barbieri 101,406
Ollie Gadson 98,152
Albert Ordway 96,816
John Mcguigan 96,397
Paul Barlow 95,490
John Ward 91,395
Kevin Burns 90.987
John Moore 89,642
William Norton 88,046
Paul Otenti 87,000
Brian Mauro 82,595
Peter Farley 82,443
Paul Barbieri 81,866
Joseph Mastrofillippo 79,423
Mark Leporati 78,262
Anthony Pillarella 77,566
Paul Gildea 76,990
Robert Jones 76,684
Joseph Hicks 76,445
Robert Foley 76,421
Antonio Sebastiao 76,279
Peter Rovinelli 75,530
Michael Canton 75,264

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