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Odd Expenditures by the Commonwealth ( your wealth is their wealth ) of Massachusetts
The following is a list of unusual and odd expenditures in my ever so humble opinion.

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Odd expenses:

  • 0411-1003 Commonwealth office in Washington DC
  • 0526-9717 Secretary of State: Tugboat Luna Preservation
  • 0620-0000 For financial assistance to injured firefighters
  • 0640-9724 Massachusetts Cultural Council: Arts Underserved Communities
  • 1233-2010 Department of Revenue: municipal reimbursements
  • 2000-0120 Environmental Affairs: anti-idling education
  • 2511-3002 Integrated pest management control
  • 2800-9730 Conservation and Recreation: State Park for Everyone
  • 4404-1000 Transitional Assistance: nutritional assistance for immigrants
  • 4408-1000 Transitional Assistance: cash assistance
  • 4510-0793 Public Health: Rural Defribillators
  • 4512-0200 Public Health: substance abuse services (gauge the success or failure the War on Drugs)
  • 4512-9060 Public Health: Substance Abuse Response to Terrorism
  • 4513-9046 Public Health: Congenital Anomalies Center of Excellence
  • 4513-9061 Public Health: Abstinence Education
  • 4513-9066 Public Health: Universal Newborn Hearing Screening
  • 4513-9078 Public Health: Asthma Planning
  • 4514-1001 Public Health: Hispanic Obesity
  • 4514-1004 Public Health: Emotion Based Messages
  • 4580-1001 Public Health: pneumococcal conjugate vaccine
  • 4590-0306 Public Health: Design and Characterization of Cigarettes
  • 4800-0044 Social Services: placement sexually aggressive children
  • 7007-1100 Business and Technology: Israel, Life Sciences
  • 7009-6379 Education: Secretary of Education
  • 7010-0016 Education: attracting excellence
  • 7027-1004 Education: english language learners
  • 7052-0006 miscellaneous reimbursements
  • 7061-9619 Benjamin Franklin Institute of Technology
  • 7066-0135 Higher Education: encourage private fundraising
  • 7116-0101 Worcester State College: Latino Institute (perpetuating latino culture? :-)
  • 8000-0030 Homeland Security: hate crime awareness
  • 8000-0040 Police career incentives (Quinn Bill)
  • 8100-0017 State Police: air wing (air force?)
  • 8800-0200 MEMA: Seabrook nuclear safety preparedness
  • 8324-0052 Registry of Motor Vehicles: International Registration
  • 8800-0300 MEMA: monitoring Seabrook plant
  • 9110-2457 Elder Affairs: Multicultural Alzheimer's Project
  • 9628-0000 House of Representative: out of state cigarette buyers
  • 9631-0021 House of Representative: Cape assistants

  • 5920-2020 Mental Retardation: settlement agreement (paid each year, and paid $87 miilion in 2008) For compliance with the terms of the Settlement Agreement, dated December 19, 2000, and entered into by the parties of Boulet v. Cellucci, Civil Action No. 99-CV-10617-DPW, filed in the United States District Court of Massachusetts in order to provide services to the clients of the department on the waiting list on July 14, 2000; provided, that notwithstanding paragraph 41 of the Settlement Agreement for Boulet, et al v. Cellucci, et al, civil action No. 99-CV-10617-DPW, United States District Court of Massachusetts, no amount appropriated herein shall fund attorneys' fees for the above-referenced action; provided further, that the department shall submit copies of the quarterly reports required by Section G of said Settlement Agreement to the house and senate committees on ways and means; and provided further, that any names and other identifying personal information contained in said quarterly reports shall be redacted from the reports prior to their submission to the committees on ways and means in order to preserve the confidentiality of said information

A litany of questionable prevention programs . What metrics are used to determine funding year over year?

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