Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Identifying the Tax and Spend Liberals

Who are these people that want to build empires at our expense?  I've suceeded at identifying them based on performance of tax increases during their tenure in office.  I refer to them as tax and spend liberals. Keep voting for them and you can guarantee your property taxes will continue to climb.   Look at the growth rates of expenditures and the salaries of town officials.  These are generally very nice people who wear perma-grins while they are sucking everything from your pockets.  The tax and spend liberals. are listed in the table below.

Whenever you see these individuals on the streets, don't forget to thank them profusely for raising your taxes and making you poorer.

Image Position Year

John M. Kahn
former member of the
Board of Selectmen
  I'd like to call John M. Kahn our lead liberal and the architect of the ultra-liberal movement. He still lingers on the Keefe Tech school committee, like a bad disease.

Esther A. H. Hopkins
formerly on the
Board of Selectmen
  While Esther told us how she was watching how every penny is being spent wisely, a lot more pennies were being spent on her watch.

Katherine Murphy
formerly on the
Board of Selectmen
  She became so obnoxious. Now a member of the League of Women Vultures and chairman of the Finance Committee.  She doesn't have a clue about finances.

Charles Sisitsky
Board of
20010 The longer he stays, the higher your taxes go..

C. Ross
formerly on the
Board of Selectmen
  Token south sider selectman.  He is a newcomer but seems to like governmental funding in his jobs.

Mark Smith
formerly Superintendent
of Schools
  This man is mostly responsible for constantly asking for more money than was allocated to him.  He has the highest salary in the town government.  "I have enough, thank you" is not a phrase known to him. I'd rank him behind Kahn in the business of liberalism.

George P. King, Jr.
formerly Town Manager   Since he was paid by the town, he spread the gospel of governmental growth.  The bigger it got, the more he got paid.  This is a no-brainer.

Phil Dinsky
of the

Doubles as a teacher union shrill.
  See my comments on the school committee.
Gerard E.
former Town Moderator
SMOC long range planner
  This position is important only in that it allows him to hand pick a lot of committees.  See the Town's annual report for details.
Michael Gatlin Lawyer   Michael just encourages governmental growth from the sidelines  He may have vested interests. See him for details.  Interestingly enough, he's not listed in the phone book.
Obviously, any employee of the town of Framingham who is well paid will attempt to perpetuate their salaries in whatever manner possible.

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