Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

2003 Top 20 Salaries
Name Department Position Salary
Martes, Christopher School Department School Superintendent $160,000.00
Carl, Steven B. Police Department Police Chief $135,246.42
Smith, Michael L. Fire Department Fire Chief $127,739.81
Olsen, Ralph F. School Department High School Principal $121,769.17
King, George P. Selectmen and Town Manager Town Manager $121,193.49
Bridges, Paul S. Police Department Police Captain $120,176.57
McClennen, Walter School Department Assistant Superintendent $116,199.98
McCallion, Donald J. School Department Director of Human Resources $114,597.96
Leporati, Michael L. Police Department Police Lieutenant $114,445.72
Vizakis Jr., John A. Police Department Police Officer $114,176.00
DiVittorio, Frank D. Police Department Police Officer $111,695.15
Dubeshter, Alan B. Police Department Police Officer $111,569.54
Ferguson, Kenneth Police Department Police Officer $110,238.71
Keith, Martin C. Police Department Police Officer $107,543.87
Abt, Brian J. Police Department Police Officer $106,516.84
Green Jr., James A. Police Department Police Officer $105,590.40
Davis, Craig Police Department Deputy Police Chief $103,481.54
Proule, David W. School Department Director, Business Operations $102,423.96
Esposito, Michael J. Police Department Police Officer $101,354.91
Griffith, Louis Police Department Police Lieutenant $101,130.75
Tersoni, Blaise Police Department Police Officer $100,757.75
Trask, Steven D. Police Department Police Officer $100,537.06
Eadie, Jeffrey Police Department Police Officer $100,434.17
Rodriguez, Juan F. School Department Principal $100,099.92

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Salaries of Framingham Town Officials
Position Name Compensation
School Superintendent Mark Smith $146,000 + a car allowance
Fire chief Michael Smith $122,846 + Ford Explorer
Police chief Steve Carl $122,000 + Ford Explorer
HS principal Ralph Olsen $118,000
Assistant School Superintendent Walter McClennan $113,000
School human resources director   $110,000
Town manager George P. King, Jr. $106,000 + Ford Explorer +
$6,000 account in lieu of a car
Director of Public Works   $91,000
Director of Parks and Recreation   $88,876
Head Librarian   $84,865
Assistant town manager Mark Purple $84,000

To provide you with some context, here are a couple of salaries of Boston officials.
Position Name Compensation
City Mayor Menino $125,000
Police Comissioner Paul Evans $124,000

2001 Top Ten Town of Framingham Wage Earners
Name Job Title Department Earnings
Mark C. Smith Superintendent Framingham Schools $144.532
Steven B. Carl Police Chief Police Department $134,367
Michael L. Smith Fire Chief Fire Department $120,351
Joseph M. Besardi Police Officer Police Department $117,993
Paul S. Bridges Police Captain Police Department $115,477
John A. Vizakis, Jr. Police Officer Police Department $114,980
Paul J. Farley Police Lieutenant Police Department $109,969
Craig Davis Deputy Police Chief Police Department $109,638
Wayne A. McCarthy Police Lieutenant Police Department $108,678
James Harrington Police Officer Police Department $107,442

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