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More up to date 2006 and 2007 Numbers

This information is from a request submitted to the school system.  We wanted to know how town-side numbers were allocated for the schools. The town's annual report and the school committee's budget both try to obfuscate the amount the schools actually spend.  I then added the amount received from Title I Federal grants not shown in the school budget.

This request is based on the the 2004 fiscal year.

When all is said and done, we spend close to $13,000 per student per year. Using only the school budget numbers, this amount would drop close to $10,000.

Description Amount ($)
Number of students (including Keefe) 8065/550
Total Town Expenditures for 2004 163,599,757
Town contribution to schools 72,489.443
Keefe Tech 6,776,054
School health insurance 10,868,830
School retirees health insurance 3,541,746
Business and Finance 725,431
District wide info management and technology 472,631
School utility services (water/sewer) 70.151
Maintenance of school grounds 475,575
Employer retirement contributions 2,720,803
Other non-employee insurance 275,052
Short term interests bonds 992,914
Other fixed charges (crossing guards) 147,814
Long term debt retirement/school construction 1,950,466
School choice tuition 115,895
Tuition to Commonwealth Charter Schools 1,672,987
Sub-total 103,295,795
Cost per student $11,990
Title I grants 6,700,000
Total 109,995,795
Cost per student $12,768

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