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James Watson who discovered DNA is correct.

James Watson claimed that blacks in general are simply not as intelligent as whites. Another way of looking at it, is that evolution does not endow any member of any species equality in intelligence.

Intelligence is more a spectrum.

There is a difference on the average between blacks and whites on IQ tests. I would say the difference is genetic.

Repeated testing across the country over the span of 100 years shows over and over again that whites in general outscore blacks but the politically correct crowd (jews and blacks) will generate millions of excuses besides genetics.

I prefer to think that all of us came out of the trees as apes, but some chose to live closer to the trees and thus continue to live on low hanging fruits rather than develop agriculture. I suspect that blacks are 100,000 years behind those who moved northward. Placing yourself in a harsher environment challenges the intellect and makes it grow.

Perhaps, The Enlightened One can shine their light of knowledge upon us so we can grasp the complex social issues that cause black people to have lower scores on every cognitive ability test and be more violent.

Help us understand the miserable state of every African country despite trillions of dollars of aid they have received to which the Marshall Plan can't even begin to compare.

Consider Haiti, a black country started by slave rebellion in 1791. Perhaps blacks in the United States should consider moving to Haiti to rid themselves of complex social issues of living in a white majority country to see if their SAT scores improve. It's worth a try.

I challenge anyone to devise a decent academic test that results in blacks outscoring whites for a period of twenty years. Please. I will post it immediately.

Religion may play a role here. If you believe you were created by a god, then you believe we are created as equals and the difference must be racial equity issue in our society.

If you accept evolution (genetics/DNA), you can more easily accept the notion that intelligence has a gradient, by race and species.

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