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Here are some links on Massachusetts state employment. None of these seem to cover employment by

  • state contractors,

  • non-profits that get state funding, and

  • those employed by state funds transferred to cities, towns and school districts (such as Chpater 70 funds).

Only the Boston Herald link covers

The Boston Herald recently reported a surge in state hiring

Employees by decreasing salary by the Boston Herald

Number of Full Time Equivalents (FTEs) by the Massachusetts State Comptroller's Office

Number of Employees (by departments) by the Massachusetts State Comptroller's Office

There exists in the British Museum a plaintive letter written on papyrus in A.D. 288, signed by Servaeus Africanus, addressed to the district governors of Middle Egypt and reading as follows:

It is apparent from the acounts alone that a number of persons wishing to batten on the estates of the Treasury have invented titles for themselves such as controllers, secretaries or superintendents, whereby they procure no advantage to the Treasury but swallow up the profits.

(Papyrus 752)

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