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Overrides in Framingham must end January 21, 2007
Harold J. Wolfe Metrowest Daily News
From it's point of inception, it took 296 years for Framingham's General Fund to surpass the $100 million mark in 1996.  According to Framingham's recently released five-year financial forecast, the General Fund will cross the $200 million mark in 2009, a mere 13 years later.  I repeat, the first $100 million in 296 years, the second $100 million in 13 years.  Take note that in that intervening 13 years, the legal population of the town has declined.

Adding insult to injury, the taxpayers are facing a $90 million pension benefit shortfall.  We will soon face a $100 million shortfall in health insurance coverage for town retirees.

Once the actuarial study is completed, the amount is computed and the state dictates that it is a liability to the town, a 20 or 25 year payment schedule will be computed with expected annual payments in the range of $4 million.  This will eliminate all available funds for any step increases and COLAs for town and school employees for the next 20 years - unless an override is passed.

Our public sector unions have been very successful at their job of getting better pay and benefits and fleecing the taxpayers.

The Town of Framingham also continues to support it's Welcoming Proclamation making Framingham a sanctuary for illegals, mostly from Brazil.

Giving more money to Framingham is like giving shotguns and whiskey to teenagers.  Nothing good will come of it.  Just say no to all override requests for the remainder of your life.  

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