William LaBarge feels that I may be a racist because I have my Proud To Be White page.

He's correct. I prefer white people around me. I feel safer.

Wiilie is white and he married his white husband. Willie is part of Framingham's diversity, you know, the stuff we never really wanted in our society.

I guess Willie is not proud to be white. I guess he prefers to be black. Call him transracial.

Willie lives with two other guys....one must be his husband or else it may be a menage-a-trois.

Now William LaBarge is the kind of person who most certainly and flagrantly violates

MGL 272 Section 34.
Whoever commits the abominable and detestable crime against
nature, either with mankind or with a beast, shall be punished by
imprisonment in the state prison for not more than twenty years.

It's a good thing that no one actually enforces this law, although, I'm sure our devout orthodox catholic judge David Cunis would like to.

Willie is regarded highly by other town meeting members and is applauded by most.

Given the way he dresses, I suspect one day after retiring, he will probably be opening a male bondage house. Nothing says easy bondage like short black leather. The LaBarge House of Pain.

Willie is extremely discriminatory against women. He will simply not have sex with women, no matter how beautiful or ugly they are. He seems to be allergic to vaginas.

While it's very possible that Willie has never seen a vagina except on the web, Willie's husband does not come equipped with a vagina so he only has two holes in which Willie can insert his penis in. His mouth (oral sex) or his poop hole (anal sex).

We can assume that Willie is not proud to be white, so we will pretend Willie is the dark skinned guy.

The two images below show the possible technique for Willie to give his loving man his love.

STEP 1: Use your right index finger to locate the poop hole

STEP 2: Gently insert penis in poop hole and proceed in and out

STEP 3: Lick your right index finger in success.

Yummy, Yummy, Yummy
I got love in my tummy

One of the frequent problems encountered by gay men is that they may want sex about 16 hours after their partner had a heavy meal, and they're close to a bowel movement. Willie will first have to ask his beloved to make room for Willie's dick. For this I recommend:

Enema FAQ

Enema FAQ

I assume that Willie uses a condom, or else he has to clean all that nasty gooey smelly brown stuff off his dick.

If I am wrong about these techniques, perhaps Willie can send me a video of the correct techniques.

If you find this technique rather tasteless, then you can try the oral sex way, but always take your Miracle Fruit Tablets so that you are left with a sweet taste in your mouth. And always remember where that dick has been in the recent past.

Of course, homosexuality is the epitomy, the pinnacle of sexism. Thou shall not make love to women because they may have cooties?

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