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Notes on our school superintendent's contract, 2006
If I did my arithmetic correctly, it would seem that we pay our superintendent a grand total of $190,180 and the superintendent's contract is good until July 1, 2010. The school committee is extending the contract by two years each year. If we have to to get rid of him for some reason, it will cost us dearly....probably over a million dollars.
  • The initial contract begins August 1, 2003 and extends for three years at an initial compensation of $160,000.

  • The school committee shall review and evaluate the Superintendent each year in accordance with school committee policy (whatever that policy is?).

  • The superintendent gets 25 vacation days and can carry over 50 days.

  • The superintendent gets 3 personal days off

  • The superintendent gets all holidays recognized by the committee (I counted 11 holidays, see calendar )

  • The superintendent gets 14 days of sick leave and unused sick leave may be accumulated without limit.

  • The committee shall pay $2,500 for disability income insurance for the superintendent.

  • The committee will pay $5,000 into an annuity of the superintendent's choosing.

  • The committee shall pay $5,500 annually toward the cost of a life insurance policy of the superintendent's choosing.

  • The committee shall annually reimburse the Superintendent $3,000 for attendance at professional conferences, upon submission of appropriate documentation.

  • On October 5, 2004, the contract was extended until July 31, 2008 and compensation was increased to $164,800.  The annuity payment was increased to $8,200.

  • On November 29, 2005, the contract was extended until July 31, 2010 and compensation was increased to $170,980 and the life insurance policy payment was increased to $8,500.

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