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Kindergarten In Framingham
In Framingham, we have 690 kindergarten students across 38 classrooms in our elementary schools, as shown in the table below.  Kindergarten is paid for by tuition on a sliding scale.

The application form specifying the documents needed to sign up can be found at http://www.framingham.k12.ma.us/2005Kbooklet.pdf .

This document specifies a sliding scale tuition ranging from $90 to $2500 per year.  Half-day kindergarten is less than 3 hours, while full-day kindergarten is about 6 hours.

Minimum residency requirements require a lease agreement and a utility bill from the last two months. Bilingual programs in Spanish and Portuguese are available.

When the school committee is stating that they are cramped in space, the notion that 38 classrooms are taken by non-state mandated school programs is difficult to swallow. Of course, this does not include BLOCKS or Pre-Kindergarten

Kindergarten is a financial gray area. Here, the school committee is mixing private funds and public funds and not doing a good accounting job of delineating the two. 

David Proule provided me with financial information but it does seem to cover those expenses that are found on the town side numbers, like health insurance, retirement, medicare, etc.

Kindergarten financials that are not state mandated should be in a totally separate fund that specifies starting/ending balances, income, expenses (clearly and completely itemized, liabilities, etc.... and reported in a separate audit report.

Compare our prices with KinderCare (see "Find a Center") that runs a center in the TJX building (770 Cochicuate Road) (hours 0730-1800) for $256 per week. Our kindergarten only costs $70 per week for 9 months.

Where does the School Committee get a mandate to give away the taxpayers money at their discretion?

Recently, the School Committee also reduced tuition for all-day kindergarten from $3,500 to $3,200. The rate had been hiked in December 2008 from $2,800 to $3,500. Officials in December said every family will pay the $3,500 maximum since the program's tuition is based on a family's ability to pay. About 60 percent of families pay less than $1,000. Currently, about 80 percent of the town's kindergartners attend a full-day classes.

Kindergarten Classrooms
Name of
Number of
Barbieri 6
Brophy 5
Dunning 4
Hemenway 5
McCarthy 5
Potter Road 6
Stapleton 3
Woodrow Wilson 4
Total 38
Staff Positions
Title Number of
Teachers 34
Part-time aides 15
Special education aides 3
Special education assistant teachers 6
Language aides 8
Total 66

Kindergarten Revolving Fund (09/22/2005)
Fund balance $122,753
Fees $1,282,169
Total $1,404,921
Salaries, Teachers $917,789
Salaries, Clerical $64,244
Contracted Services/Refunds $22,386
Total $1,004,320
Ending Fund Balance 400,602

Kindergarten Operating Budget (09/22/2005)
Description Amount
Salaries, Nurse $50,205
Salaries, Professional $194,593
Salaries, Teachers $562,479
Salaries, Aide $88,176
Salaries, Assistant Teacher $240,237
Addt'l Salaries, Subs $31,999
Total $1,167,689

Kindergarten Enhancement Grant (09/22/2005)
Description Amount
Amount Granted $353,926
Salaries, Aides $252,874
Additional Salaries $16,660
Contracted Personnel/Consultants $42,823
Contracted Personnel $781
Contracted Services, Insurance $28,953
Supplies, Office $630
Supplies, Instructional $10,145
Tech. Hardware $1,390
Tech Software $109
Travel, General $82
Travel, Prof. Dev $2,065
Medicare $3,795
Retirement $7,140
Encumbrances $456
Total Expenses $352,906
Grant Balance $1,019

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