The last guy on the list is an interesting one indeed.

Can the Mayor let us know how this happened?

Should the city give a known hate monger and convicted felon legitimacy like this?

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Rich Shapiro
Posted at 10:09pm, Sep 09
Hey Kurt!

When will you do a story about Harold Wolfe being part of the Citizen's Academy?

Framingham's biggest racist and Jew Hater allowed to participate at this City administered class. Allowed by the mayor.

Bonus that he's a convicted felon for assaulting a police officer!! What will happen when Po Po teach the public safety section?

And he hates religion too!!

Please parody this! I'm waiting!

Here's the story if you need to be filled in:

Rich Shapiro
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Richard Shapiro-Asset Mortgage Group
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Natick MA, 01760
Tel: 508-652-0700x104

We are a Massachusetts Mortgage Broker #2020,
and I am licensed as a MA Loan Officer #3429.

Richard Shapiro, Age 48 is a jew.
209 W Central ST #STE 220 Natick, MA 01760
(508) 652-0700 x-104
(508) 989-2888

The true meaning of being Jewish is to believe in the Torah, the inerrant word of God who is introduced to us in Genesis 1:1

In the beginning God created the Heavens and Earth.

If Rich Shapiro really believes in his fictional god, he could send me a picture of his penis to convince me he has a covenant with his angry genocidal god, Yahweh.

There's nothing like cutting off part of your dick to show us you're serious.

Foreskin removal is very very important in jewish culture .

Then there is the new jewish religion, the Holocaust religion.

If god does exist, and he has a divine plan , then it's obvious that the alleged Holocaust is part of his plan. He apparently told the jews to fuck themselves.

You cannot convince a chimpanzee to give you a banana on the promise that the chimp will get an unlimited number of bananas after they're dead but it's easy to do it with a jew.

Justin Kapust:
Justin M Kapust, Age 40
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