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Rewarding Failure in Framingahm Will Breed Failure Wednesday, September 26, 2007
Harold J. Wolfe A Better Framingham
Failure is not an option.
    Gene Krantz, NASA, Mission Control, Apollo 13 mission.

Failure is the biggest option in Framingham. Success is penalized.

If you are not a wild-eyed socialist liberal as most Framingham residents seem to be, one of the first things you learn about Framingham politics is that it is like a experiencing a constant assault on your common sense.  There is this tsunami of stupidity that is always attacking your common sense.

Failure is finding happiness in booze.

Failure is finding happiness in illicit drugs.

Failure is by genetics.... mental retardation, autism, etc....

Failure is taking risk and suffering consequences. Like skiing and becoming brain damaged or riding motorcycles with(out) a helmet and becoming brain damaged.

Failure is being an illegal alien without a driver's license or work permit or VISA.

Here in Framingham, we reward failure thru our state representatives. By supporting social services, those people whose lives have ended in failure are rewarded by the benevolence of the state.  As long as we vote in reps like Sannicandro, Richardson and Spilka, this reward for failure will only continue.

I am not aware of state related program that reward success.  Success gets you higher and higher taxes.

Our school SPED program rewards those that possess the least capability by spending proportionately more on them (currently 40% more).  The SPED program now encompasses 20% of our students.  There is some sort of illusion that the problem will be "educated" away.

The Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) people are the epitomy of this problem but only a small part.  Now we are rewarding gluttony.  Remember gluttony as one of he seven deadly sins.  And we thought it was merely the teachers unions that were pigs feeding at the public trough.  We were so wrong.

A question to be posed to our state delegation is:  What differentiates PWS from any other chromosone disorder, genetical disorder, or disease, like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and all sorts of other life threatening disease?  How come those folks don't enjoy the benevolence of the state.

The notion that The Advocates are spending over $85,000 per PWS client (glutton by any other name) is just so ridiculous and preposterous.  If anything should be done, the PWS clients should be offered bariatric ( gastric bypass surgery instead of feeding off the state for the remainder of their miserable lives. Cost is $25,000 to $50,000. If they decline, just let them gorge themselves on cake at their own expense.

The next step will be to make stupidity a disability.  Call it the Defective Decision Making Syndrome (DDMS).  Then most of Framingham will get money from the state.  Other names for this new disease or syndrome are welcome.  The winner gets $10 from me. We are clearly descending into Idiocracy. In 500 years, we will be like this.

Stop voting for those that keep peddling this stuff at you.  If you hear your state rep/senator even waffle on these issues, don't vote for them. Vote for common sense, a value that is increasingly difficult to find in Framingham.

We might want to examine the family members and other relationships of our state reps (Sannicandro, Richardson and Spilka) to see if they have special needs. If so, there may be a conflict of interests in their voting records.

As for myself, I have developed compassion fatique.  Compassion fatigue comes from endless requests to fund and care for every poor, lazy, wet, hungry, visually impaired, hearing impaired, bipolar, overeating, cleft lipped, club footed, facially deformed, crippled, mentally retarded, emotionally disturbed, brain damanaged, drug using, alcohol using and just plain stupid person in the world. All in Framingham.

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