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Police: Rape suspect was on coke binge Wednesday, December 28, 2005
Norman Miller / Daily News Staff Metrowest Daily News
PLYMOUTH -- A Framingham man calmly described to police how, after a year of abusing cocaine, he kidnapped a woman and her young son in Framingham and repeatedly raped the woman in front of the boy, a Plymouth detective said in court yesterday.

Evandro Doirado, 28, who lives in Framingham but is suspected of being an illegal immigrant from Brazil, admitted kidnapping the woman from the Framingham Wal-Mart on Dec. 17 and raping her repeatedly until he was arrested a week ago Monday night in Plymouth, Detective Christopher Butler said in a hearing in Plymouth District Court.

Doirado also told police he had used cocaine for a year and had been on a binge before the parking lot abduction.

"He was strikingly calm" during the interrogation, said Butler.  "He was kind of resigned to what was going to happen to him."

During yesterday’s dangerousness hearing, Judge Thomas Barrett ruled Doirado was a danger to the public and ordered him held without bail.

"I find there is no other way to protect the community or the victim in this case," Barrett said.

Barrett did not rule on prosecutor Shelby Smith's motion to force Doirado to undergo a blood test to determine if he is HIV positive.  She said, in her motion, Doirado was "likely" infected with the virus.

In Massachusetts, convicted rapists -- but not accused rapists -- are required to undergo such a test.  Smith said there was a way around that.

"The defendant could in fact be charged with another crime, which, in fact, you could compel the blood sample," Smith said.

Doirado’s lawyer, David Nagle, argued against the test.

"There is not a scintilla of evidence to suggest my client is HIV positive," said Nagle.  "There is not a speck of evidence."

Barrett asked where the evidence came from, and Smith said it was based on information from the Framingham Police.  She did not know where they got the information.

Barrett said he wants to know where the information came from before he will rule on the motion to force the HIV test.

Framingham Police Lt. Vincent Alfano said he was unsure where detectives got the information but said it usually comes from a family member.

At yesterday's hearing, Butler said he spoke to both Doirado and the woman he is charged with raping.  Butler said he met the woman at a local hospital, and she described briefly what had occurred throughout the weekend.

She said Doirado had forced her into her car at knifepoint and had her drive, along with her 2-year-old son, to a parking lot where he raped her for three hours, Butler said.

After another rape in Natick, and then Hanover, he made her check into the Pilgram Sands motel in Plymouth at about 7 a.m. Sunday, Dec. 18, Butler said.

"There were several incidents of rape," said Butler.  "He made it very clear that if she made any sign to anyone he would kill her and her baby."

Under questioning, Doirado said he had been doing cocaine for a year and was on a binge when he kidnapped the woman, Butler said.

The suspect also detailed several incidents of rape.

"After they got into the hotel, they both slept for awhile and he then climbed into her bed and began to sexually assault her," said Butler.  "She said she didn't want her son to see it, so he covered him with a blanket, and he continued to sexually assault her."

After he took a nap, Doirado said he woke up and raped the woman again.  He then brought her to a store to buy items for the child, but kept the child with him in the car, Butler said.  The suspect denied threatening the child.

After three separate trips to Bradford's Liquors to try to buy alcohol, Doirado was arrested after the woman signaled for help, Butler said.

Doirado said he was not planning to hurt the mother and child.

"He said when the money ran out, he was going to let both of them go," Butler said.

Under cross-examination, Nagle asked Butler if he knew that the suspect and victim both lived in the same apartment complex, which Butler confirmed.  Nagle also asked why Butler did not use a translator to help with the interrogation.  Butler said it was unnecessary.

At a hearing last week, Smith said federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement authorities have issued a detainer warrant against Doirado because he is a native of Brazil who may be in the country illegally.  If and when Doirado is released from custody, federal officials would take custody of him.

Also testifying at yesterday's hearing was liquor store clerk Nathan Buchanan.  He said nothing stood out about the couple the three times they came into the store other than Doirado having "glassy eyes."

After the hearing, Barrett gave a warning to family members of both the victim and suspect who were in court.

"I know this is a highly charged, emotional case," said Barrett.  "You should all stay out of it while the investigation and the case proceeds.  Let the authorities do their work.  Don't get involved in this or you may find yourself on the other side, in custody."

Doirado has not appeared in Framingham District Court yet.  So far, he is only charged with the stabbing of Roberto Cornejos, 34, of Natick at an apartment complex on Rte. 9.  Doirado went home briefly, got another knife and went to Wal-Mart in Framingham where the kidnapping took place, police said.  Police and the district attorney's office have not determined what other charges he will face.

Doirado is due back in Plymouth District Court on Jan. 26 for a probable cause hearing.

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