Every tax is a pay cut.  Every tax cut is a pay raise.
Citizens for Limited Taxation

Suggested Cuts for Question 1
Even though the state of Massachusetts never asked me how my tax monies should be spent, I will still be delighted to tell them how not to spend it.

  • All funds collected from the state and redistributed to local towns, cities and school districts should be collected locally.

    When did it become the function of the state to collect taxes on behalf of local municipalities and school districts?

    Chapter 70 funding derived from the last big round on education reform back in 1993. What exactly has been reformed? The state spends an extra $3.75 billion each year and the only thing that we can point to as an accomplishment is that the state spends an extra $3.75 billion each year. We demand our monies back.

  • Stop telling us illegal immigration is a federal problem.

    Thanks to Plyler V. Doe, it's our problem and we pay dearly for it. Crack down on illegal immigration on a state wide basis or join with other states to ask for reimbursements from the Federal government.

    We simply cannot afford a sanctuary state.

  • All non-violent offenders being incarcerated should be released.

    Spending more on incarceration than higher education seems absurd.

  • The state pension system should be replaced with social security and state employees should be offered a 401k with 6% matching funds. The current state pension system constitutes embezzlement from the taxpayers.

  • All government services should increase in price to reflect the actual cost. The MBTA and all other quasis should be financially self-sufficient. Subsidizing means redistribution of income.

  • Reduce the overall state workforce by ten percent in ways that makes sense. Having said that, it will done in some bizzare fashion.

  • State pay raises should be frozen for a year.

  • The gargantuan Department of Mental Retardation should be closely examined for waste and fraud.

  • Scale down our gargantuan court system that has 116 individual court houses. We have
    • 1 Supreme Court,
    • 14 Superior Courts,
    • 67 District Courts,
    • 12 Probate/Family Courts,
    • 5 Housing Courts,
    • 11 Juvenile Courts, and
    • 7 Boston Municipal Courts.
    • 1 Land Court

  • Never, ever, allow double dipping. If you retire from a public service job, you cannot go back to work and collect your retirement.

  • Eliminate police details and the Quinn Bill. This constitutes fraud.

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