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Framingham, MA 01702

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Religion: Catholic

The Torah endorses racism, misogyny, slavery and homophobia.

If you've been around the sun thirty times and still believe in a god, then you're objectively stupid. Actually you're just stone cold fucking batshit Hindenberg crazy stupid. Period. There goes your independent judgment and critical thinking. Why do I think this, you ask? Because

  1. gods don't exist,
  2. angels don't exist,
  3. snakes don't talk,
  4. people don't turn to salt,
  5. seas don't part,
  6. the Exodus never happened,
  7. sticks don't turn into snakes,
  8. the earth doesn't stop rotating,
  9. asses don't talk,
  10. whales don't run hotels,
  11. virgins don't give birth,
  12. people don't walk on water, and
  13. dead people don't come back to life.

When you apply logic and reason to everything in life, and just turn it off because it's your religion, you're being stone cold fucking batshit stupid. Period.

This is not just normal stupid. This is advanced stupid.

John's catholic beliefs are really interesting and esoteric .

He accepts the infallibility of his god's emmisary on earth .

His very favorite symbol is an imaginary idiot nailed to a torture device (a cross). .

If you read the mythical Jesus's story carefully, Jesus apparently fucked his own 14 year old mother to in order to give birth to himself. You just gotta love that Holy Trinity shit .

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