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Just because you're not interested in politics doesn't mean politics isn't interested in you.

Framingham Public Access Corporation (FPAC) has a Policies and Procedures manual for those who want to cablecast/webcast shows on local cable. That manual clearly states that any shows should not defraud the viewers. Then, I noticed that half of the FPAC shows are based on religion.

As an atheist, I see religion as nothing but fraud promising you a glorious life in heaven but only after you die. While you live, they continuously ask you for more money. Selling invisible products is a lucrative market and quite a racket. Care to buy indulgences to minimize your stay in purgatory?

Has anyone ever seen God the creator of the Heavens and Earth (even as burning shrubbery) or someone who has transitioned past death into life everlasting in heaven or hell in the past 50,000 years? If so, please contact me.

I had previously written to FPAC and asked simply if religion constituted fraud and received no meaningful response. On June 14, 2010, I attended a meeting and asked them face to face. Nothing but deafening silence.

This reinforced my belief that the stupidity of a committee is inversely proportional to the number of its members. The FPAC Board of Directors has way too many members.

The politics of religion behind FPAC is driven mostly by Gwendolyn Holbrow, Joel Winett and John Kahn. They can no more detect obvious fraud than the SEC can detect large scale Ponzi schemes.

Bill McColgan's Response to my inquiry on religion

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It's fraud if you cannot substantiate your claim to the product being sold for money.

The bottom line is that not a single member of the clergy can substantiate any claims about their religion.

  • They cannot prove their God actually exists.
  • They cannot prove that Jesus ever existed.
  • They cannot prove that anyone went to Hell or Heaven.

In other words, they knowingly commit fraud in order to keep getting paid and to maintain their tax free properties.

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