I have no misperceptions of the Community Preservation Act in Framingham. It is an operational override (one of those that last forever, or at least until our sun goes nova). It comes on top of our useless Fuller school debt inclusion override last year which we now have to pay for the next 20-30 years. You can bet that next year, there will be a push for another debt inclusion override to rebuild our next school, most likely Hemenway.

I do not need anymore useless open space. If Framingham was serious about open space, they would not have built all these huge apartment buildings, and the city would discourage illegal aliens from coming into Framingham. The Open Space supporters all live in District 1. I suggest more high rise apartments and SMOC housing along Carter Drive.

I certainly do not need another useless historical building like our $2.5 million Athenaeum Hall or our newly decommissioned fire station and sewer pumping station in Framingham's collection of useless historical buildings. Supporters say we can use it for meetings. It seems appropriate to bequeath the sewer station to the Framingham Historical Society as their new headquarters. These history freaks should definitely not be pushing the city government out of the Memorial building. Built in 1923, it is only beginning to be historical in nature. Their true absurdity was showing when they moved that Nobscot chapel a few feet (note that this was in District 1). What a waste of public resources.

I fail to understand how the Community Preservation Act will create affordable housing by increasing my property taxes year after year. This must be one of those neoliberal doublespeak terms or someone is really bad at math. The city should set up a fund that takes in contributions for these neoliberal causes. Let's see if these people are serious about their cause. Check out the miserable donations to the fund to pay extra in property taxes for those who can't afford the property taxes. If you give generously, we can name a doggie park after you.

The city of Framingham and its schools now have over 3,400 employees whose only purpose in life is to increase our taxes for their benefit, not our benefit. We know that the Framingham Teachers Association lives and breathes for this one purpose alone. Don't let these greedy parasitic vultures erode your retirement.

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