District 3

43 McAdams Road

Framingham, MA 01701

Home phone: 508-207-3508

Email: asteiner@framinghamma.gov

As an official member of Temple Beth Am , he believes in the Torah and the ever famous talking serpent , blah! blah!

This is clear evidence that he is a religious fanatic and it's deeply offensive to me.

The Torah endorses racism, misogyny and homophobia.

Does he get his instructions from a a burning bush or a wily talking serpent ?

In his pursuit of power, Adam has chosen to let a court decide the issue of District 3's failure to elect, rather than s second election by the people of District 3. I'm guessing he will use his connections in Temple Beth Am to preselect a jewish judge. I suggest that he use Jennifer Stark for advice on these matters.

He's definitely showing contempt for the voters and looking like Donald Trump.

Adam Steiner is the son-in-law of Maureen Dunne.

Letter to editor, Framingham Source, not printed as of 01/01/2022
In response to all those vote Steiner letters, I have to inject my opinion. Should we re-elect Adam Steiner to the Framingham Council? I have learned from previous letters that he and his wife are public educators and they had two children in the Framingham schools from grade 1-12. Assuming both kids going thru together in grades 1-12, all my assumptions are for a twelve year period only. In a world without inflation and current rates of property taxation, salaries and the price of one year's education in the Framingham schools being $20,000 for one year per student.

The Steiner's two children cost 2 * 12 * $ 20,000 = $ 480,000 in mostly property taxes. Meanwhile as public educators making an average of $75,000 each, they rake in 2 * 12 * $75,000 which comes out to $1,800,000. In essence, the Steiners get about $2.3 million in property tax monies. Meanwhile I speculate that they pay $8,000 anually in property taxes so they sadly have to pay 12 * $8,000 = $96,000 during those twelve years. Bummer!

The Steiners certainly come out ahead. That's $1,800,000 + $480,000 - $96,000 = $ 2,184,000. You can bet that Adam Steiner will carefully watch how that your monies will be spent, because it's his money now.

Adam and his wife can send me the correct numbers if he wants to.

Meanwhile, having no children, I pay $4,500 a year in property taxes and all I get to see is garbage collection and snow removal. Water and sewer are separate bills.

You're better off writing in Bugs Bunny on your District 3 ballot. Let's see how many votes Bugs Bunny will get.

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