Adam Freudberg was re-elected as school committee chairman for the Framingham schools.

Thanks to his religious activism, the Framingham school district is running a side hustle renting our school auditoriums to churches. During his tenure, two churches began operating inside of Framingham school buildings.

This is clear evidence that he is a religious fanatic and it's deeply offensive to me. This asshole is using public schools to promote his assinine religion

He is an official member of Temple Beth Am , so he believes in the Torah and the ever famous talking serpent . When Mr. Freudberg watches the Flintstones, he's watching a documentary.

This explains the idiocy of the Framingham schools use of jewish holy days such as Roshanah and Yom Kippur (2021 AD = 5762 since Genesis 1:1) as holidays. When they celebrate passover will there be a moment of silence for all the Egyptian first borns that there slaughtered by the silly god?

Then, these assholes attempt to influence the architecture of our schools.

The Torah endorses racism, misogyny and homophobia.

Does he get his instructions from a a burning bush or a wily talking serpent ?

His political base is the FTA and the wealthy jewish community in Framingham. We'll never get rid of him.

You may contact Adam at: .

Ask him where I can get a talking serpent or one of those flying bird people equipped with a flaming sword.

Ask him about his circumcision .

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